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01. Why do I have to change the motor oil?

The motor oil is one of the most important fluids in the car’s engine. A good quality motor-oil must do the following:- LUBRICATE: this is the main task of a motor oil to reduce wear, corrosion, to cover each moving part of the engine with a protector film that reduces friction.

– CLEAN: it is essential that the oil keep surfaces free of deposits. Scrapings, tars, deposits, condense, etc. can get in the engine decreasing its performances.

– SEAL: the motor oil covers the uneven surfaces with 2-3 microns of oil film. It is thin but enough to seal the engine and to prevent power loss.

– COOL: coolant or air are doing about 60% of the engine cooling. The motor oil assures the difference.

Despite the technology progress, the lubricants life is limited. Motor oil is contaminated with fuel, dirt, deposits and vapors. This causes the expiration of the additives, damaging the initial qualities of the motor oil. Traffic conditions and driving manners sways a lot the contamination level of the oil.

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