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01. Where are Sonic’s tools made?

Sonic is a Dutch-based company with facilities in Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan, and the United States. We design and manufacture tools throughout Europe and Taiwan, focusing on the ideal locations to produce the highest quality tools.
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03. Does Sonic have tool trucks?

We do business a bit differently. Think of us like the Amazon Prime of tool companies. We offer a professional grade tool direct to consumers, instead of several layers of distribution. Your phone becomes your "tool truck." Because of this, we're able to offer significantly lower prices and more consistent service.
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04. What is Sonic Foam System?

The Sonic Foam System is Dual Density EVA foam with CNC-machined cut outs for each tool. Every tool has its own marked spot. The Sonic Foam System is proven to help save you time and money by making tool retrieval faster and reduce that amount of misplaced tools.
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07. What is Inventory Control Book?

Our inventory control books contain sheets for each Sonic Foam System included with the toolbox you ordered. Each sheet contains a layout of the drawer, including part numbers and locations. Inventory control books help you audit your toolbox to ensure you are not missing a tool.
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08. How are toolboxes shipped?

All packages to big/heavy to ship via UPS, including toolboxes, cabinetry, and XD toolsets will ship through a Freight Carrier. This is noted during checkout when choosing the shipping method "Per weight carrier (fixed)"
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